Terms & Conditions

The following forms a legally binding agreement between Rotten Orphans (from here on referred to as ‘the Agency’) and the artist (from here on referred to as ‘the Client’). 

By accepting the following you are agreeing, on behalf of your child to be bound by the terms and conditions as set out below. 

1. I agree to all information provided by me to be stored by the Agency, in line with the Agency data protection statement below.

2. I agree that my child will be represented solely by the Agency, and that he or she cannot be represented by any other agency whilst the terms of this agreement are in place.

3. I agree that all auditions and professional work must be managed through the Agency, and that I will refer any direct enquiries to the Agency.

4. I agree to a one month written notice period should I wish for my child to leave the Agency.

5. I agree that commission (plus VAT on that commission) is due to the Agency on professional work obtained directly or indirectly via the Agency. This includes repeat fees, residuals, overseas sales and any monies whatsoever earned for such work, regardless of whether my child remains a client of the Agency.  I understand that this includes earnings from future contracts on productions initially booked by the Agency.

6. I agree that should my child leave the Agency, the terms and conditions regarding auditions and professional engagements initiated by the Agency as outlined in the previous paragraph will be adhered to by the new representation.

7. I understand that payments received from production companies by 21st of the month will be paid to my child by the end of that calendar month.  Payments received after 21st of the month will be paid at the end of the following calendar month.  The Agency will endeavour to collect all payments promptly from production companies but cannot be held responsible for late payments.

8. Where you have personally acted as chaperone for your child on an engagement, you must invoice the production company directly for your chaperone fee as we are not allowed to do this on your behalf.  In this scenario we will provide you with all relevant information.  

9. I understand that the Agency cannot accept liability for defaulting or bankrupt companies which owe fees to clients.

10. I understand that if my child is late or does not fulfil any booking that I may be held responsible for other artists’ waiting time, or expenses incurred by the production company, etc.

11. I understand that commission plus VAT at the current rate on that commission will be paid as follows:

15% on all monies earned in respect of Theatre fees

25% on all other projects 

12. I understand that all my child’s fees will be negotiated by and paid directly to the Agency into the Client Account.

Should any monies be paid directly to me by the producers, I will notify the Agency and forward them the correct amount of commission plus VAT which is owed to them.

13. Commission shall apply to all professional contracts and jobs.  Where commission is payable to a previous agent, the Agency will only take commission on any negotiated improvement to the contract.

14. I agree to provide any images or recorded material which I have permission to use which may in turn be used by the Agency to promote my child’s career. 

1. Your data

1.1 For the purposes of data protection legislation in the UK, including the Data Protection Act 1998 until its effective date of repeal and the General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (the “GDPR”) and any national implementing laws, regulations and secondary legislation, in particular the Data Protection Bill 2017-2019, you acknowledge with respect to the personal data we will process about you (“Data”) in connection with this agreement as set out in the accompanying Privacy Notice that:

I. We have provided you with all the necessary privacy notices required by the GDPR.

II. The processing of the Data may include the disclosure of the Data to third parties including third-party service providers and other entities in the same group as the Agency.

III. We may transfer the Data outside the Union where the transfer is necessary in relation to this agreement.

IV. You have provided us with the necessary consents for us to lawfully, fairly and transparently process the Data for purposes connected with this agreement including for representation and administrative purposes, which we may rely upon in addition to the other lawful bases for processing the Data as set out in the Privacy Notice.

V. You have provided us with explicit consent for us to create an artist/performer profile on our casting/client database and on a third-party casting database to enable us to assess your child’s suitability and put your child forward for new roles and projects, which we may rely upon in addition to the other lawful bases for processing the Data as set out in the Privacy Notice.

1.2 We will seek and secure your explicit consent for processing the Data in the following circumstances:

I. Where we wish to process Data which comprises of Special Category personal data (as defined in the GDPR) and/or criminal offence data relating to you and you have not previously given your explicit consent to the processing and no other lawful basis is applicable.

II. Where we wish to transfer the Data outside the Union and the transfer is not necessary for the parties to fulfil their contractual obligations in accordance with this agreement and we cannot transfer the Data pursuant to Articles 45 to 48 of the GDPR and no other derogation is applicable.

1.3 You agree to inform us when there are changes to the Data.